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Modern Restaurant Interior


step #1 -license

This is the most important step in the entire LICENSE, DESIGN, BUILD  3-STEP PROCESS of setting up a restaurant. Once you have leased a desirable location of your restaurant and have appointed us as your design and build contractor, our architects and engineers will get to work. Our architects will investigate the current state of the building to check for structural issues or if it has any conflicts with the building's department guideline for legally and safely operating a restaurant. The architect will also verify requirements on fire escape route. The HVAC (heating, ventilation, & air-conditioning) engineer will study how to plan for a ventilation system that works best from the preparation and cooking area to the exterior of the building. 


Property Requirement
  • This license type is for operators who prepare food for indoor consumption

  • Cooking area, food preparation area, and dish washing area must not be less than 8 sq. meter or between 10-25% of total area of the restaurant

  • Washroom must be available for female and male, quantity of washrooms subject to sitting capacity

  • Allow to apply for liquor license, if needed

  • Time for application approval, subject to government, about 45 days.

  • Licensed architect, authorized person

  • Structural engineer

  • Licensed fire and safety contractor

  • Licensed ventilation contractor

  • Licensed gas installation contractor (if needed)

  • Commercial kitchen planner (if needed)

  • Food & Environmental Hygiene Department

  • Fire Department

  • Buildings Department

  • Liquor Licensing Board

  • Electrical & Mechanical Services Department

  • Home Affairs Department

  • Lands Department

  • Water Supplies Department me 

step #2 -design

Design of a restaurant can be a revenue driver or killer. Restaurant design is a complex project types in hospitality design. It involves 5 senses and 360 degree intangibles and tangibles. A good ventilation system design can enhance inviting smell and aroma, conversely, a badly design air exchange system can bring out unwanted and disturbing cooking odor that will drive customers away. Apart from the ventilation system, the intangibles of lighting effect, background music, acoustics, privacy, comfort, and tactile feeling of finishes on sittings and table surfaces are just a few aspects of the complex restaurant design. The architectural plan submitted for license application is merely just a layout of various zones to show zoning of the cooking area, preparation area, dining area sitting capacity, bar area and most importantly, the fire escapes - which is merely a space-planning requirement to comply for property requirements for license eligibility. Space planning is only the first step to concretize where functional zones are. The design development on ceiling, flooring, walls, furniture, material, lighting effect, and selection of cooking equipment can only take place subsequently. Our designers have over 20 years of restaurant and hotel design experience and are well versed designing restaurants for Western, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and other international cuisines. Our knowhow and expertise ensure that your functional and aesthetic goals will be fulfilled.