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step #1 -License application

The 3-step License, Design, Build approach also apply to hotels except that the process is much more time consuming , in particular the design phase. 

To begin the pre-design licensing phase, our architects and engineers will initiate the vetting process to audit the requirements on the proposed premises subsequent to a lease has been signed and appointment of us as your designer is confirmed.  Our architect will investigate the current state of the building to check for illegal structure or if it has any conflicts with the building's department guideline for legally and safely operating a hotel or motel accommodation. The fire & safety engineer will examine fire escape routes and exits. A hotel has many operational departments, reception. food  & beverage outlets, back office, laundry, guest rooms, business centers etc. there would be many different sets of perimeters the owner/operator has to comply with. As hotel design specialist for 20 years, we will be partnering with you to take your project from start to finish within time and budget constraints.

Property Requirement
  • Width of corridor leading to fire exits must be no less than 900 mm.(1500mm Canada).

  • Height of ceiling at escape routes must not be less than 2000mm. 

  • Guest room doors and hotel exit doors must swing toward to the direction of egress, and width must not be less than 750 mm (900 mm Canada).

  • Dividing fire walls of guest rooms must be at a minimum of 1-hour fire-rated.

  • Dividing walls between guest rooms and corridors must be at a minimum of 30 minutes fire-rated.

  • Fire doors at guest rooms and exits must be at a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Licensed architect, authorized person

  • Structural engineer

  • Licensed fire and safety contractor

  • Licensed ventilation contractor

  • Licensed gas installation contractor (if needed)

  • Commercial kitchen planner (if needed)

  • Food & Environmental Hygiene Department

  • Fire Department

  • Buildings Department

  • Liquor Licensing Board

  • Electrical & Mechanical Services Department

  • Home Affairs Department

  • Lands Department

  • Water Supplies Department

step #2 -design

Hotel design is not for the amateur. It is by far the most challenging type of project even for trained professionals.  It is complicated and unforgiving because designing a hotel is like designing a city. The hotel itself is a small city lives independently on its own. All the functional departments in the hotel must be able to work alone or work jointly with other departments. There are hardware and software involved. Besides satisfying hotel patrons' desires, the hotel designer must also satisfy the stakeholders of hotel investors, franchisors, as well as the various governmental agencies.

Hotel design is a very lengthy process that integrates multi-disciplinary design expertise in architecture, interior design, lighting design, electrical & mechanical design, structural design, fire & safety design, and landscape design. The multitude of professionals involved in one hotel project is unimaginable. To get the job done on time and within budget is greatly depending upon the knowledge and experience of the designer.

Our design teams have extensive design experience in hotel, resort and other vacation properties and are able to help you navigate through the process with ease.

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