At the heart of Toronto downtown lies this prime location for a 50 seats Italian Café . The space is zoned as an A-occupancy and so it is permittable to be occupied as a restaurant.  Like many downtown retail premises, there is one set-back of this centrally located piece of real estate, that there is only one entrance / exit. To comply with the life safety egress code requirement for having only one exit, the occupancy load must be under 49. So the café is designed to house 49 customers. The Cafe is designed in the mid-level build-out standard with new kitchen and HVAC equipment. The space measures 25 feet wide x 80 feet long, a gross area of 2,000 sq. ft. 

* The estimate is based on conceptual design only. Further development of design is required in order to generate precise cost.

cost estimate 

Pre-Design Consultant Team (M & E Engineer, Lawyer & Kitchen Consultant) 

Interior Designer (Schematic, Submission of Certificate of Occupancy)

Construction Build-out Costs

(mid level standard - excluding equipment 

Kitchen Equipment 

Permit Application 

Heating, Ventilation & Air-Con.

Total Estimate

$ 25,000

$ 45,000

$150 / sq.ft. x 2000 = $300,000 

$80 / sq.ft. x 2000 = $160,000 




Wall Motif