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step #1 -License application

This is the most important step in the entire LICENSE, DESIGN, BUILD  3-STEP PROCESS of setting up a café, bakery or a light refreshment F & B outlet. Once you have leased a desirable premise and have appointed us as design build contractor , our architectural designer and engineer will get to work to evaluate if your selected premises has the basics to meet licensing requirements.


Although license requirements for this type of food license are not as stringent as the ones for a full-service general restaurant license, the scope of requirements on the proposed premise is just as demanding.

Our architectural designer will investigate the current state of the building to check for illegal structure or if it has any conflicts with the building's department guideline for legally and safely operating a cafe. He/she will also verify requirements on fire escape route. If you intend to cook food on the premises, a ventilation system still needed to be designed and installed. Our HVAC (heating, ventilation, & air-conditioning) engineer will study how to plan for a ventilation system to work best from the preparation and cooking area to the exterior of the building. 


Property Requirement
  • This license type is for operators who intend to sell light refreshment or food (one type of food approved) for indoor consumption

  • Cooking area, food preparation area, and dish washing area must not be less than 4.5 sq. meter or between 9-20% of total area of the restaurant

  • Cooking with burning fire not allowed.

  • Washroom must be available for female and male, quantity of washrooms subject to sitting capacity

  • Allow to apply for liquor license, if needed

  • Time for application approval, subject to government, about 45 days. 


  • Structural engineer

  • Licensed fire and safety contractor

  • Licensed ventilation contractor

  • Licensed gas installation contractor (if needed)

  • Commercial kitchen planner (if needed)

  • Food & Environmental Hygiene Department

  • Fire Department

  • Buildings Department

  • Liquor Licensing Board (if needed)


step #2 -design

A café or a bakery may in some ways be a bit simpler in design when compared with a full-service restaurant that is because a cafe would have fewer seats, serve fewer food products, and may not cook food on the premises. That being said, the scope of design still can be extensive as it covers pretty much the same aspects of ceiling, flooring, wall, furniture, lighting as well as electrical, ventilation system, fire equipment... the list goes on. 

Our in-house designers have the necessary experience and knowledge in restaurant and hotel designs, your can be rest assured that your project will be completed with ease on time and within budget. 

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