The project planning stage is in essence the study of a building project’s viability at it's very early stages. With the master plan prepared, feasibility studies and options appraisals completed, a building project can be evaluated for its compatibility with the vision, mission and objective of the client.


With convincing results, the project will be progress further to the next stage of schematic design. Issues that have been uncovered during the master planning stage become parameters in  the ultimate design direction for the project. Planners at Towner & Partners have the skill set to listen, understand ,analyze, recommend, and integrate all aspects of the project to yield best solution.


Interior designers at Towner & Partners are professionally-trained to deal with complex design challenges faced by interior design today, they too have a responsibility toward making the human spaces more environmentally-friendly for the end users. Sustainable designs are constantly strived for in the design process. Better indoor air-quality, natural lighting, recycled construction materials, energy-saving equipment are among Towner & Partners interior design quality standards.


Our interior designers undertake to deliver aesthetically pleasing designs which meet

with building codes, government regulations and industry requirements. 


Our architects work closely together with engineers to generate designs that ensure clients’ aspirations and goals are met within the realm of social expectations and governmental restrictions. 

As a stage subsequent to the master planning,  the architectural design team continues to explore durability, sustainability, quality, ROI and code compliance of the project  to ensure every design obstacle has been dealt with in a fresh and creative manner leaving no room for error.


At Towner & Partners we feel that successful architecture is not a personal, philosophical, or aesthetic pursuit by individualists but it’s the pursuit of teams of passionate design professionals for the good of all concerned.


Landscape architects at Towner & Partners work on a multitude of design tasks often at the first stage of a project along the planner.  They assist the planners to generate the master plan that seamlessly integrates the landscape elements of the design.

Apart from acting as a team member in the overall design process of a large scale project, landscape architects at Towner & Partners also work independently to deliver individual projects of indoor and outdoor green spaces.

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