yokitori ramen


This retail location situates at North Vancouver with a gross area of 1,301 sq. ft. Formerly operated as a café-restaurant makes the permit application a lot simpler and quicker. The project is designed with a low-level build-out standard but with all new kitchen equipment and HVAC system. The re-designed ramen house will have a total of 35 seats.

* The estimate is based on conceptual design only. Further development of design is required in order to generate precise cost.

cost estimate 

Pre-Design Consultant Team (M & E Engineer, Lawyer & Kitchen Consultant) 

$ 20,000

Interior Designer (Schematic, Submission of Certificate of Occupancy)

$ 25,000

Construction Build-out Costs

(low) level standard - excluding equipment 

Kitchen Equipment 

$60 / sq.ft. x 1300 = $78,000 

$40 / sq.ft. x 1300 = $52,000 

Permit Application 

Heating, Ventilation & Air-Con.

Total Estimate




Floor Plan
Yokitori Ramen Interior