How it works

The architectural and interior design process involves a complicated and technical flow of work procedures as outlined below. 

The ultimate outcome is a project designed to meet its unique set of requirements in function, aesthetic

and budget.  

The final delivery of the project is the creation of a set of construction drawings with a manual of written specifications on finishes and  products tested to be fitted for the construction of the project. These documents are collectively called "Contract Document". With these documents, clients can invite multiple contractors to submit bids for the construction and to apply for necessary permits for construction and business licences with the government. 




Once design appointment is

confirmed, a feasibility study of design requirements will be carried out. Analysis of client's work process and proposed site will be executed. Rough cost estimate on construction can be outlined as well as identification of building code compliance.





All design elements will be finalized with more detailed floor plan, elevation, 3-dimensional drawing of key areas, custom-designed furniture and mill work defined. Cost estimate further refined.  



Space planning in the format of preliminary floor plan along with colour and material scheme will be generated. Presentation of design concept with furniture, fixture & equipment selection. Construction estimate will be refined.

Construction drawings and 

written specifications on products, fabrication & testing methods will be created for construction bidding by contractors.

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